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Kaler Kantha false & politically motivated news on Jamaat’s participation in polls protested and condemned
Tuesday, 04 September 2012
Jamaat-e-Islami publicity affairs secretary Prof Tasneem Alam has strongly protested and condemned a politically motivated and false news item titled “Jamaat may participate in polls, movement is tactful” published in the Daily Kaler Kantha on September 1.

In a statement on Saturday, he said an ill-effort was carried out to create misunderstanding among the 18-party alliance members by publishing the confused news report in Kaler Kantha in a planned way. But the conspiracy will be abortive InshaAllah, he said.

He said the Kaler Kantha report is not true at all that— Jamaat may take part in the upcoming national election even beyond the alliance’s decision to protect its party-linked financial institutions, to release the detained party’s top leaders and to exist in the political field; but Jamaat will continue movement with BNP as a tactic.

Tasnim Alam cleared his party’s position saying that Jamaat has been continuing the movement as a member of the 18-party alliance. There is no question of taking any decision bypassing the alliance, he said.
The publicity affairs secretary of the country’s largest Islamic political party said that Jamaat will participate in the general polls only under the caretaker government system as per the decision of the alliance’s decision. There is no question going of Jamaat to the polls under a partisan government, he said.

Jamaat leaders have been repeatedly saying that country’s people will not allow holding polls under a partisan government, he said.

Some confused speeches were written at the news report quoting Jamaat central working committee member and publicity affairs assistant secretary Matiur Rahman Akanda introducing him as ‘international affairs secretary’ and Jamaat Dhaka city Nayeb-e-Ameer Maulana Abdul Halim but they actually didn’t say that, Tasneem Alam said, adding that rather, they were misquoted and their speeches were presented in a altered way.

He called upon the newspaper authorities to refrain from publishing such imaginary news that sparks ambiguity among the people. He also hoped that the authorities will publish the rejoinder, resolving the created confusion.