Wednesday, 25th January, 2017
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Ameer-e-Jamaat Section
Makbul Ahmad urges to protect holy Ramadan’s sanctity & try hard for self-purification by acquiring Taqwa-based behavior
Saturday, 21 July 2012
Jamaat-e-Islami Acting Ameer Makbul Ahmad has urged all Muslims irrespective parties, opinions and sex to protect sanctity of the holy month Ramadan and perform fasting with full sincerity and dignity, purifying themselves by acquiring Taqwa-based behavior.

In a statement on July 20, he said the holy month came to us with the messages of mercy, forgiveness and salvation. Hazrat Muhammad (SM) says: the first 10-day of this month is for mercy (of Allah), the second 10-day is for forgiveness and the third 10-day is for salvation. There is a night in the last 10-day of this month that is better than thousands of other nights. In this month, a Muslim can get yield of a farz (mandatory) work as that of 70 farz work, get yield of an ‘nafal’ (optional) work as that of a farz work. It is a month of maintaining ‘sabr’ and showing sympathy each other.

He called upon the people to study the holy Quran and the Hadith marking the Ramadan.

Makbul Ahmad urged the people to avoid all anti-Islamic activities in this month. He also called upon the countrymen to feed the poor.

He urged the businessmen not to take extra profits from the clients at least considering the dignity of this month.