Wednesday, 25th January, 2017
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‘Nation deeply concern at govt’s mysterious role over giving transit to India’
Tuesday, 03 July 2012
Jamaat-e-Islami has expressed deep concern at the government’s mysterious role in the name of giving transit to India.

In a statement on June 2, Jamaat Acting General Secretary Dr Shafiqur Rahman said that since its taking-over the power, the incumbent government has been playing mysterious roles one after one in the name of giving transit to the neighbouring India keeping the country’s people in dark.

The government is yet to publish before the people and disclose in the parliament what it has earlier done in the name of signing protocol and memorandum of understanding with India even after passing long days of the singing.

He said that India didn’t materialize such bilateral accords igned earlier despite Bangladesh has implemented sincerely.

India didn’t ensure fair water sharing which is legal right for Bangladeshis despite they have mutual accords highlighting the issue, he added.

The Jamaat leader said that India has been trying to materialize much talked about Tipaimukh Dam ignoring all the excuses raised.  
He said that boarder killing by BSF yet to be stopped. However, the government is busy to allow transit for India.

The jamaat leader demanded of the government not to allow Chittagong seaport and Monglaport for usage by the neighboring country as the capacity of the two ports is very limited.
He underscored the need for notifying the country’s people before signing such vital and national important issue. The issue should be discussed in the Parliament.
Shafiqur Rahman called upon the countrymen including all the political parties to raise revolt voice against such anti-state accords by the government.