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Jamaat congratulates newly elected Egyptian President Dr Muhammad Morsi
Tuesday, 26 June 2012
Bangladesh Jamaat-e-Islami Acting Ameer Makbul Ahmad has cordially congratulated Dr Muhammad Morsi as he was elected as the Egyptian President by the people’s votes for the first time in the history of that country.

In a statement on June 25, Makbul Ahmad thanked the people of Egypt for seizing the victory overcoming all steps of conspiracy and torture.

The Egyptian people has created a new history by electing the Muslim Brotherhood nominated candidate in the parliament and presidential polls after ousting the autocrat in exchange of many lives and much bloods in the sixty-year long struggle.
All conspiracies and blue prints of Hosni Mubarak’s followers became foiled by the people’s upsurge and movement, he said.

The military backed-government at last became compelled to nose down to the people’s movement and thus declare Muslim Brotherhood-nominated candidate Dr Morsi as elected; this victory is of ‘deen’ (code of life) of almighty Allah and the people of Egypt, Makbul Ahmad said.

The people of Egypt have proved that Islam is eternal. No autocratic force could not keep the Islamic movement suppressed in the past and can do so in the future; the victory of Egypt will encourage the whole Muslim world’s struggling people, he added.

Makbul Ahmad prayed to almighty Allah for long and healthy life of Dr Morsi so that he (Morsi) can play his duty properly and efficiently.

He also prayed development, progress and prosperity of the Egyptian people.