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Jamaat protests govt’s ill-effort to thwart freedom of press and speech
Friday, 15 February 2013
Jamaat-e-Islami Acting Secretary General Mualana Rafiqul Islam Khan has strongly condemned and protested the government’s attempts to thwart media and freedom of speech.

In a statement on Thursday, the Jamaat leader said the ruling party leaders and activists threatened the journalists of Daily Sangram, daily Amar Desh, daily Naya Diganta, daily Dinkal, Diganta Television and Islamic Television.

He said the government’s attempts further proved that Awami League doesn’t believe in freedom of press and freedom of speech, which is the precondition of the democracy.

The Jamaat leader said that the government is interfering into the freedom of media for abolishing the country’s democracy. More than 2,000 journalists have been tortured and a total of 17 journalists were killed during the ongoing tenure of the government.

 He said the government forcibly shut down private television channel ‘Channel i’ and online news agency sheershanews.com during the current government. The government had unlawfully detained the editor of the Daily Amar Desh for long after closing this national daily. Daily Sangram editor Abul Asad was also arrested.

However, later they got release and Amar Desh is again being published through legal battle. 

During the tenure of this incumbent government, 17 journalists were killed, about 900 journalists were attacked by Awami League, Jubo League, Chhatra League and police. Eight journalists were arrested, three were abducted, cases were filed against 65 journalists, killers of journalists couple Sagor-Runi are yet to be brought into book, he said.

On February 12, pro-ruling party cadres attacked at office and press of the daily Naya Diganta. Earlier, copies of the Amar Desh, Sangram and Naya Diganta newspapers were also set ablaze at Shahbagh.

In the rank of freedom of press in the world, Bangladesh went down 15 stages. All of these incidents proved that the government is pushing the country to the fascism.

He called upon the country’s people including intellectuals, lawyers, journalists, Islamic scholars, Peer Mashayekh, students, teachers, workers, all professionals and the youths to strongly protest and raise united voices against the conspiracies and plots of the government.