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Attack on mass-assembling of Mufassirin, Ulemaye Keram, Peer-Mashayekh and Janata Manch, and on Jamaat’s prescheduled agitation protested
Thursday, 14 February 2013
Bangladesh Jamaat-e-Islami strongly condemned and protested the bar and the police attack on mass-assembling of Mufassirin, Ulemaye Keram, Peer-Mashayekh and Janata Manch at Paltan Maidan on Wednesday.

In a statement on the day, Jamaat acting secretary general Maulana Rafiqul Islam Khan also condemned and protested police attack and shooting on the Jamaat’s prescheduled agitation and procession on Wednesday.

The Manch earlier announced mass-assembling at Paltan protesting the staging of mockery drama in the name of so called war crimes trial against world renowned Islamic scholar Maulana Delwar Hossain Sayedee.

The Manch declared the mass-assembling also demanding immediate release of Maulana Sayedee and the conspiracy to root out Islam from the country.

Police put barricade on the Manch’s programme and unlawfully attacked on them, and even sprayed hundreds of bullets, leaving over 100 of them injured. police arrested about over 400 people.

Ruling Awami Leagaue-led Mohajote and its allies in a planned way under the government’s finance and patronization held rally at Shahbagh and giving provocative statements against Islamic values, Islamic parties and leaders.

Police also barricaded Jamaat’s prescheduled agitation programme and attacked on them, sprayed hundreds of bullets, leaving hundreds of leaders and activists injured across the country and arrested hundreds of others.
In the capital, about 106 leaders and activists were arrested and 69 others were injured. of them, 33 received bullets while condition of 11 is critical.

The attack, bullet spray and injuries at the Ulamaye Keram and Peer Mashayekh Manch proved that the government is running the country autocratically. The government seized the democratic rights of the people, even now conspiring to seize the freedom of the press and people’s voice.

Attack of AL cadres under support of police on the daily Nayadiganta office and press, and threat to attack on daily Amardesh office proved that a plot to establish fascism is going on in the country.

He alleged that the target of Shahbagh fascist attitude is to kill top Jamaat leaders in the name of so called trial of crimes against humanity. The statement of the Prime Minister proved the fascist target true.

The Shahbagh rally of Chhatra League, Jubo League and atheist was created under the leadership of killers of October 28, 2006 in the name of assembling of youths by the government’s patronization.

The government took all measures of supplying food, drinking water and transport. A section of media fueled it by live broadcast. Country’s so called intellectuals and some communist and advantage-seeking men are instigating them. A section of youths are being used there.

After the PM call to the Tribunal’s judges to consider the Shahbagh’s expectation in their verdicts, leading legal experts opined, there is no acceptability of the tribunal.

The statement of the PM is necked interference to the judiciary and the tribunal. Many legal experts opined that the tribunal judges should resign after the PM’s remarks.

The statement of the government proved that it just want killing of the top Jamaat leaders in the name of so called war crimes trial. For that, it again moved to amend the law to gain its killing aim.

On one sentence, the government is just using the tribunal in fulfilling its target. The people will never let the government to implement the plot.
The government is threatening different educational institutions in the city forcing the students to go to Shahbagh. Only 10 months are left for the government. When the people are united for the non-party caretaker government system, the government wanted to escape misusing the youths from the people’s rage due to the scandals of Hall March, Destiny, unlimited corruption of the minister and MPs, severe deterioration of law and order situation.

But the government cannot escape ultimately. The people will reply boldly to the terrorism doing by using the government power.

He demanded of the government to restore the caretaker government system reduce the people’s sufferings, immediately stop the mockery trial and release the top Jamaat leaders. Otherwise, the people will compel the government to accept the people’s demands by tougher and greater movement, he said.